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While the hat is drying, you can make decorations for it using the needle felting technique.

Take a long needle with a flat tip for a good grip.

For the needle felting process, there are two methods.

The first is to do it directly on the hat, but the decoration may not be very secure.

It’s better to use wire or pipe cleaners to form a ball and then use a needle to attach your decorations to the hat.

We will use this second technique.

Start by taking a small ball of wool. Here, since we're making antlers for our hat, we'll choose brown. Of course, you can choose any color or even mix different colors together using the brush.

Here, we’re using two pipe cleaners to shape an antler. So it will take a total of four pipe cleaners to do both antlers.

Now, stick the needle into the wool all over, like this. Put styrofoam underneath your project to protect the table.

If you find that the hat is not smooth enough, you can also use this same technique to smooth it out.

Now, let's sew the antlers directly onto the hat.

You can sew it from the outside or from the inside, so you don’t see the thread.

You can also add more brown wool to cover the thread or pipe cleaners if they are showing.

Do the same for the other antler.

You can also add strings to tie the hat under your chin.

Now your hat is finished.

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