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In this tutorial we will show you how to create a small felt beret.

There are two ways to make felt from wool, which is a process called felting.

We will use the first method, which requires the use of soap and water, to make our hat.

The second method will be used for the decoration of the cap, with a needle.

The two methods are different, but the principle is the same.

With the appropriate friction, temperature, and humidity, the wool fibers will twist to create felt.

Wet felting is an irreversible process.

For needle felting, you can use any kind of needle. When passing the needle repeatedly through the wool fibers, the wool will come together and become rough.

You can make round, square, triangular or any other shapes you want.

To make the hat, you will need:

- Several different colors of wool

- A large sheet of bubble wrap

The bubble wrap helps to increase friction

- A spray bottle filled with water

- A bar of soap

- and, if possible, a net or cloth to hold the soap. The net helps to get more soap foam.

During the felting process, you need to create a certain amount of foam. If you add too much water and not enough soap foam, it will be harder to get the right felt texture.

You’ll also need: a pair of scissors

- and a wool brush

You can buy wool that it is already carded, or mixed, or you can card it yourself using your wool brush.

- a container for the soap to foam in

and styrofoam, like this, which will allow you poke at the wool without damaging your needle.

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