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For shading and filling, the most basic technique is to use straight lines.

Always start with the darkest part.

Since we are drawing an Asian girl, the darkest part is the hair.

To darken more or less, there are 2 techniques. The first depends on what kind of pencil you're using. With a lead pencil, you just need to press harder.

The second technique works with all kinds of pencils, markers, or pens. You draw the lines with more or less space in between to make it lighter or darker.

Here for the hair, the lines should be very close together.

Next, we'll do the clothes. The lines should be further apart, which will make the shading lighter.

Next, draw the shadows on the neck.

Since the light comes from above, we'll use vertical lines.

Do the same for the legs and arms.

For the forehead, it's more difficult since the shadow follows the shape of the hair, and you must be careful not to cover the face.

Draw the shadows in the folds of the ribbon.

Draw the shadows on the balloons. Since the light comes from above, draw a reflection on top.

For the purse, use the same technique. There's a shadow on the left side which should be darker than the rest. Start there.

Next, draw the shadow of the purse on the dress.

The shadow underneath should be made up of large vertical lines, like the ones we used for the neck and legs.

Draw the shadows on the hands.

To add the finishing touches, you can draw patterns on the dress and the ribbon.

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