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Now we’ll use dots for our shading and filling.

This technique gives your drawing a brighter feeling.

The more you fill it with dots, the darker the shadows will be.

Lighter shadows are made by drawing the dots further apart.

Start by identifying the areas that are dark.

Since the light is coming from above, we’ll start with the neck.

Since the neck is round, the shadow should be also.

Do the same for the arms.

Now, we’ll draw the hair. If you’re using a pencil, this technique is more time-consuming and difficult. To be more efficient, you can use a marker.

Add some more dots along the edges to create contrast. Remember the light comes from above.

In this part, the video is sped up to save time.

Once you’re done with the hair, add the final details.

Start with the eyes.

Then, fill in the glasses using close lines to make it darker than the rest.

You can also draw patterns on the clothes. The patterns you choose are important since that is what shows much of the style and personality of your character.

Here, we’ll continue to use the filling techniques, both dots and lines.

Darken the outlines to emphasize different parts of your drawing.

For the pockets, we’ll use the same technique that we used on the hair.

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