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A primary color is a color that can be used to produce a wide color palette when mixed with another primary color.

The primary colors are magenta, cyan and yellow, or simply red, blue and yellow.

Most other colors can be produced from red, blue, and yellow,

We will show you how to mix these three colors and get all the shades that you can see on this palette.

We will use this red.

This yellow.

And this blue.

To get green, which is between blue and yellow, you must mix these two colors.

Here, we get this kind of green.

For a lighter green (so, to the left of this green), you have to put more yellow in the mixture.

A common mistake would be to add white.

Now we have this green.

If you add even more yellow, it will make this one.

Add a little at a time, to find the right color.

Do the same thing with red and yellow by mixing these two colors.

For shades between red and blue, it's more complicated because there are more of them.

The mixtures must be done very gradually so that you don't skip over a shade.

You can add more or less blue.

For example, here there was too much red so we'll add a little more blue.

For brown, you have to mix purple and orange.

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