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To draw Gaara, start by drawing a vertical line.

Divide it into 6 parts.

The first part is for the head.

So draw a circle for it.

Next, draw the neck.

Then draw a rectangle for the upper body, which comes down just past the central line.

Here, we're going to draw him with his arms crossed.

So, draw the arms this way.

Then draw the legs.

The pelvis represents 1/6th of the height, and the legs including the fee make up 2/6ths,

Draw his jar, which looks like a gourd.

To do this, draw two circles, with the one below bigger than the one above.

Draw the strap.

Then the top of the jar, with the cap.

Draw his clothes.

The fabric is light. With the wind, it floats easily.

Draw the curves of the clothes nicely to detail the material of the fabric.

His trousers go down to the middle of the last sixth.

Draw a cross like this one on the face to make sure the eyes, mouth and nose can be placed properly later on

Draw his ears.

Mark out the eyes.

the nose,

and the mouth.

The sketch is now finished.

Erase any unnecessary lines before adding the final touches

Start by drawing the outline of the face.

Then draw the ears.

Then the hair.

Gaara has pretty short hair, with small spikes.

Draw the eyes.

Gaara has unique eyes.

He doesn't have eyebrows and the edges of the eyes are very dark.

He doesn't have any pupils either.

Draw the nose.

Then his mouth.

Draw the character on his forehead. It's a Chinese character which means "love".

Draw the neck.

The top part of his clothes are thick,

so they don't have many creases.

The sleeves stop at his elbows.

so his forearms are bare

Finish his arms.

Because the arms are crossed, his right arm is in front of his left arm.

Remember to pay attention to the perspective.

Now finish the sash which wears on one shoulder and which wraps around his body passing underneath his left arm.

The sash is made of a much lighter fabric,

So draw a lot of creases like this.

Next, draw the two ends which blow in the wind.

Finish his tunic and trousers.

There are very few creases here since the fabric is more stiff.

His trousers stop just above his ankles.

Since he wears fabric sandals, draw some creases to detail the material.

There is also an opening for his toes.

Between his trousers and toes, Gaara wears a bandage.

Draw the bandage like this.

Do the same for the other foot.

Draw the strap fasteners here.

Finish off his jar.

It has some scratches and there are also some inscriptions.

Here, his eyes seem darker, because the drawing is very small,

but normally, Gaara doesn't have pupils. His eyes are very light with nothing in them.

Now your Gaara drawing is done.

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