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First, draw a line.

Divide it in the middle with a horizontal line about half the size of the vertical one.

Then, make four identical rectangles.

Now we will draw the shape of the palm inside the two lower rectangles.

Note that the left side doesn't touch the rectangle, while the right side does.

This is to leave some space for the thumb.

You’ll notice that the bottom parts do not curve the same way.

Here, we are drawing a left hand.

For a right hand, the curved lines would be reversed. This applies for the rest of the drawing as well.

Next, draw a line at the top to mark the tip of the middle finger.

Draw the thumb, still following the rectangle.

Extend the curved line at the bottom, and continue upward along the side of the rectangle. Place the joint along the central line.

Unlike the other fingers, the thumb is facing sideways.

Draw the index finger, starting from the tip of the thumb and ending slightly above the upper line.

It goes back down to the top of the palm.

Draw the middle finger, which follows the index finger and reaches the top line.

It's slightly wider than the index finger.

Draw the ring finger, following the middle finger. It's as wide as the index finger but slightly shorter.

Finally, draw the pinky, which is one phalanx shorter than the ring finger.

Unlike the other fingers, its descending line isn't straight. Instead, it joins the side of the palm.

Draw two lines for the bottom of the palm and then draw the wrist.

Mark the joints between the phalanges of the fingers.

Now it's time for the finishing touches.

Draw the lines in the palm.

And the thumbnail.

You’ve now finished the left hand.

For the right hand, just repeat the same process in mirror-image.

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