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To being, you will need enough wool to make two balls and a needle to felt it.

The needle must be rather large, like this one, and have a slightly flat top so that it's easier to hold.

This process can take some time, so you'll need to be patient.

These two balls will make up the head and body of your snowman.

Once both balls are ready, bind them together by repeatedly pricking them with the needle.

Next, use two small bits of wool to make the eyes.

Then use a different colored piece of wool to create the hat.

Here, the hat has a cone shape, which is not always easy to make.

When you’re finished with the hat, attach it to the snowman’s head. Then we can start making a nose. It's going to be a long nose.

To attach the nose, we’re going to sew it directly onto the snowman’s face. Its shape and its position make it difficult to attach using the needle alone.

So, for this step, we’ll need a sewing needle and thread.

For the scarf, you can attach it to the snowman directly using the needle, like this.

Here we’re using pink wool.

We're going to use the same technique as in the previous video, where we made a hat with deer antlers, to make the snowman’s broom. You will need a pipe cleaner wire to make the broom. Wrap the wool around the wire to make the broom. Then prick the wool directly onto the pipe cleaner to create the broom.

You can then tuck the broom under the snowman's scarf to keep it in place

To finish, we’re going to prick the eyes a little more.

Your snowman is finished!

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