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Préparer du beurre pommade

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Learn how to make beurre pommade (softened butter), a simple technique that will enhance your cooking.

Voice-over volunteer - Carrie Briffett
Translation volunteer - Charlotte guililand

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The techniques shown in this video are easy to reproduce if you're at an intermediate level.

Preparation time: 20 minutes.

Cooking time: 10 minutes

This video will teach you how to make beurre pomade, or softened butter.

It's a soft butter, like a thick cream.

It's very useful for making a compound butter, or even pastries.

Thanks to the method used in this video, the butter softens without becoming liquid.

Follow the steps and you will easily be able to copy this method.

In order to make your beurre pommade, you will need a large block of butter.

You will also need a chopping board, a pan of water, a heat-resistant mixing bowl, a whisk and a knife.


Cut the butter

Cut the block of butter into equal-sized small pieces.

This will help to ensure that the butter melts evenly.

Then place the pieces of butter into the mixing bowl.

Second step.

Heat the water

Heat the pan of water until the water is hot but not boiling.

You should still be able to comfortably dip your fingers in the water.

Remove the pan from the heat.

Third step.

Soften the butter

Place the mixing bowl over the pan.

Let the butter melt a bit.

Then whisk energetically, until the butter has a smooth, creamy consistency.

If the butter has melted too much and is nearly liquid, simply add a few small pieces of cold butter.

Then whisk energetically.

You know now how to make beurre pommade! You'll find it really easy to do it again!


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