Urban art: introduction

Resources and description
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In this video, we'll show you the materials you need to make urban art.

We use the term "urban art" rather than "graffiti" since graffiti uses only spray paint and free-hand drawing techniques,

whereas urban art includes all artistic techniques that can be used in the street: painting, spray painting, stickers, mosaics, etc.

Graffiti is an art designed to be read quickly since people in the street are constantly on the move.

For this, you will need:

-A can of dark spray paint to draw the outlines

- A can of light-colored spray paint, any color you like (white, yellow, orange), which will be used for contrast.

A black marker for the finishing touches.

There are markers available which contain the same kind of paint as the cans of spray paint.

We will also need a mask for safety reasons,

and gloves because the spray paint is toxic and can have harmful effects on the skin.

A can of spray paint contains:

The paint, at the bottom,

the solvent, in the middle,

and the air, which is the lightest component, at the top.

There is a small glass ball at the bottom which helps mix together the contents of the can.

The paint rises from the bottom to the top of the can and is released at the spout.

You need to mix the paint and the solvent thoroughly, and make sure that the paint, which is thicker, does not block the spout in the long term.

In this illustration, you can see why it's so important to shake the can well, so that the paint and solvent mix together.

It's best to choose high-quality paints so that lighter colors can be easily painted over the darker colors.

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