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Urban art: demonstration

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Here's a full demo of how to make stencil graffiti

If you're just starting out, it's better to use a design that's not too complicated

Remember, the first step is to mark out the points that you should definitely not cut out

Next, use a cutter to cut out the parts to be sprayed

Once the stencil is cut out, stick it to a wall which has a contrasting color to the one you are going to use.

Use a glue spray to the back of the stencil as well as strips of sticky tape to make sure it is firmly held in place

Press the stencil down well and spray

If necessary, fill in the interior of the stencil with the same color as the outlines

Place the second stencil you've cut out over the first sprayed design

Then apply your second, darker colored paint here. You might want to use a stick to help you

Any gaps can be filled in with a marker

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