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Urban art: cutting out the stencil

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Once your design is ready, you need to cut out the drawing you've made so that the paint can pass through it.

The cutter is like a knife, it can be very dangerous.

We often hold the paper with the other hand, but this can cause accidents.

To avoid this, each time you use the cutter, you need to position your free hand above the area that you are cutting out.


Keep this hand away from the direction in which you're cutting.

The principle of cutting out the stencil is simple.

Watch this example. We have a filled-in circle, a ring, and another ring.

Use the cutter to remove the filled-in part so that the paint will go through it onto the wall.

The ring is slightly more complicated since there is an internal part and an external part.

To paint a ring, we want to get this shape, but, if we cut all the way around the circle, the inside part is left unattached and will fall out.

So, we need to keep it attached to the stencil.

To do this, we can use little pieces of tape.

However, ideally, instead of repairing the stencil with little bits of tape, it's better to draw the bridges which shouldn't be cut beforehand.

Now we're going to make a second stencil to outline the white background for the dog.

First we need to draw the outline of the design.

Then we need to cut out the inside part of the design.

To keep the stencil on the wall, you can apply a glue spray to the back of it.

If the point of your cutter becomes too blunt, you can break it off using the lines marked on the blade.

Using the cap of the cutter, hold it so you can snap the blade down and away from you - never towards you - to make sure that the blade you are breaking off does not fly into your face.

To make sure the blade won't injure someone else, including the garbage collectors, wrap the broken-off blade in some tape.



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