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How to wash your hands

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You will discover how, when and why you wash your hands with soap and water!

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In this video you will learn how to wash your hands with water and soap

Microbes are microscopic living organisms which can cause infectious disease

They are so small that you can't even see them with your eyes

Thanks to washing your hands with soap and water, you can eliminate the microbes that are found on your hands at all times.

Washing your hands allows you to avoid falling sick or spreading microbes to others

You should wash your hands:

Before and after having eaten

After having been to the toilet

after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose

as soon as your hands are dirty

or when you're not sure that they are clean

To wash your hands, you'll need to find a place with a working tap or faucet

Run the faucet

Wet your hands and wrists

apply some mild soap to the palms of your hands

rub your hands together beginning with:

- the nails

- then the fingers

- then the spaces between the fingers

- the palms of your hands

- the backs of your hands

- the thumbs

- then finish with the wrists

Rinse the soap off your hands with clean water

It is best to keep your fingers pointed upwards as shown here, This ensures that any impurities will run off them and will be washed away as the water flows down your hands.

If possible, wipe your hands using some tissue paper which you can then use to turn off the running water, as the tap is often dirty.

Throw this used tissue paper away afterwards.

If you don't have any tissue paper available, you can use some cloth which you should also use to turn off the running water.

And if you don't have any cloth, close the tap and allow your hands to air-dry

To do this, keep your hands out in the open air so that impurities can run down them leaving your fingers clean

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