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How to Steam Chicken

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Learn how to steam chicken breast for a healthy dinner idea

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Tomo Stojic
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The techniques shown in this video should be simple for someone at an intermediate level

Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 15 mins

In this video, you will learn how to steam a chicken fillet

it is a quick and inexpensive way of cooking which makes for juicy chicken fillets without excess fat, all while preserving vitamins, sugars, and flavour

for best results, it should be cooked at full steam

make sure the steam cooker is tighly shut

for best results, it should be cooked for as little time as possble

100 degrees celsius (212 fahrenheit)

57 degrees celcius to 72 degrees celcius - or 135-162 degrees fahrenheit (°F))

the steam from the water will reach 100 degrees Celsius, however the chicken will be ready to eat between 57 and 72 degrees celcius

now follow the cooking method and you will easily reproduce this technique for yourself

you will need fresh chicken fillets

if they are frozen

let them defrost overnight in the fridge

to season the chicken, we will use onion and sage, but feel free to use any vegetables and herbs you like

you will also need a steam cooker

to prepare more portions, use a steam cooker with more surface area, like this one

the last things you will need are water, and utensils to handle hot foods.

if you want to add flavour to the steam, feel free to replace the water with a broth or stock of your choice

here, we've added added a bit of chopped lemongrass to the water

if you have one, you can use a cooking thermometer to read the temperature of the chicken as it cooks

before starting, we've prepared the vegetables and filets for cooking

Prepare the steam cooker

first step

prepare the steam cooker

pour about 2 centimeters of water in to the base of the steam cooker

then place the steamer compartment into the steam cooker base

the water should not enter this compartment

then cover the steam cooker

Preheat the steam cooker

second step

preheat the steam cooker

Let the steam cooker heat up over a medium flame

wait a few minutes until it releases heavy steam

Start cooking

third step

start cooking

if you are using a cooking thermometer, poke it into the centre of the thickest part of the chicken

lift the cover carefully

the steam is extremely hot. let it dissipate before continuing

place the chicken in the steamer compartment

the steam should be able to circulate freely

carefully place the chicken on a single layer of the steam cooker, with space between each piece

seal the steam cooker shut

and lower the heat to a minimum

the steam will begin to cook the chicken, and sterilise the surface

Let it cook for 9 minutes

now wait for 9 minutes

Stop cooking

fourth step

stop the cooking

if you are using a cooking thermometer, then as soon as it shows the desired temperature, stop cooking

if you are not using a thermometer, try and catch the chicken fillet without getting burnt. Then, cut in the thick part, to check how cooked it is. If you are not pleased with the result put it back in the steam cooker and check it every minute. As soon as you are satisifed , stop cooking, and get all the chicken fillets out of the steam cooker, your fillets are ready. If you are not going to eat them immediately, allow them to cool down and quickly place them in a sealed box: you can keep them in the fridge for a couple of days. You now know how to cook steamed chicken fillets.


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