Learn to Cook a Chicken - SikanaLearn to Cook a Chicken - SikanaLearn to Cook a Chicken - Sikana
Learn to Cook a Chicken - SikanaLearn to Cook a Chicken - SikanaLearn to Cook a Chicken - Sikana
Olivier Herr - Sikana Expert

Olivier Herr

Olivier Herr is a top chef who is passionate about learning new skills and sharing his expertise. He is convinced that, in order to become a competent cook, you must understand the 'why' before considering the 'how.'


Chicken is the most widely-consumed meat in the word. On average, each person consumes one chicken every month which goes some way to showing how incredibly popular they are as a cheap and tasty source of nutrition. In this program we teach you the basics on how to cook chicken - as well as other poultry birds such as geese, duck and other fowl. First we will show you how to prepare the raw bird by correctly trussing a whole chicken; then we share a few alternative cooking techniques which promote a healthier way of eating the bird; we then teach you how to prepare and carve a whole bird so that it may be served amongst many persons; finally we share two techniques for creating stocks and broths which have incredible versatility - and can be kept for a very long time in the freezer. Remember to always try and buy high-welfare, locally-sourced chicken whenever possible. This program is designed for beginner and intermediate-level cooks looking to add a few essential chef techniques to their kitchen repertoire, and was designed by professional chef Olivier Herr. Follow the videos in order and always remember to exercise safety when dealing with raw meat, and when handling potentially-dangerous kitchen equipment. Bon appetit!

Program details

Viewing time: 24 min

Number of video(s): 6

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