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Behind the Wheel

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Behind the Wheel

In this video, you will learn tips on how to stay safe while driving.

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Remember that answering your phone is a cause of distraction which can be incredibly dangerous. To sum up: Maintain full conentration; Check your speed limit; Respect other road users


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Imagine that you are driving, eyes on the road, both hands on the wheel, paying attention to your surrounding: pedestrians, other drivers...

No problem! Right? Now, Imagine that you are driving..whilst blindfolded. Seems completely unthinkable/insane doesn't it? Well you're right, of course!

But that is exactly what you are doing if you use your mobile to send messages or make calls whilst driving. You are no longer able to see what's around you - and it's incredibly dangerous

Writing a text message whilst driving makes you 23 x more likely to have an accident! Using your phone behind the wheel without a hands-free kit also carries with it great risk: the latest research shows us that, in such cases, you are 3 x more likely to be involved in an accident

Why? Because everything which takes our attention off the road, and from keeping both hands on the wheel is a distraction which could prove very dangerous (indeed)

It is not always possible to be completely free of distractions. But here are a few tips if you receive an urgent call whilst driving: ask one of your passengers to answer the call, or, just let your phone ring out and let your voicemail pick up the message.

If your device is equipped with a hands-free function, tell the person calling you that you will call them back when you are no longer driving. Stop (as soon as possible) in a safe place to call them back

If you are driving with children or animals that are distracting you, ask another passenger to help you. Make sure children are safely strapped into their car seats and that animals are in their appropriate carriers, this will stop them from moving around while you are driving and also protect them in the event of an accident

It is mandatory in many countries. IF you are unable to do this, if your vehicle is not equipped with the appropriate child seats, stop off in a safe place and calm the children down.

Paying attention to the road will allow you to be fully aware of your surroundings: (HGV) Trucks and lorries which might not be able to see you, cars driven by young motorists, animals if you pass by a (farm or) forest, etc.

Pay particular attention the road-users who are the most vulnerable: pedestrians and two-wheelers

Imagine now that you are driving along at a certain speed and that you stop as quickly as possible, within the car's braking limits. Did you see the braking distance?

Now, let's double the speed at which you're driving...and once again brake as quickly as possible. Will the braking distance be twice as long? Or, what about 3 times as long? In fact, keeping all other conditions the same, the braking distance will be 4 times longer. The faster you drive, the longer the car will take to stop

Driving speed affects not only the car, but our brain's too. When we drive fast, our brain has less time to process information and details of our surrounding environment

So, if a pedestrian or animal steps out into the road at the last minute, if a car in front brakes suddenly at distance which isn't safe, it is nearly impossible to avoid a collision

When we drive quickly, accidents are nearly always serious. In fact, research shows that a front-impact accident at 50mph, even with the best technology in place, is nearly always fatal.

To avoid such risks, never drive faster than the speed limits indicated on road signs and make sure that you adjust your speed depending on the amount of road traffic present.

To sum up, always maintain your full concentration on the road, don't drive too fast, and respect other road users

Together, let's make the road a safer place for everyone!


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