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How to Inflate Tires

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In this video, you will be introduced to the bike repair basics, such as inflating your tires with a pump.

This video is for any bike owner wanting to learn the essential elements of bike maintainence

It sounds simple, but there are a few important things to know when inflating your bike tires. Pump your bike tires to a safe pressure and make the tire valve matches that of your pump

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In this video, you will learn how to properly inflate your bicycle tyres.

The keys steps are: recognising the valve type, and pumping to the correct pressure.

To do this, you will need a pump suited to the type of valve you have.

Note that a floor pump with a pressure gauge is preferable.

You can normally find the recommended pressure for your particular tyres moulded onto the sidewall of the tyre.

Step 1: Identify the valve type of your tyres.

There are two types of valve commonly found on most bicycles.

The first is the Schraeder valve which is wider in diameter and is the same as the valves found on car tyres.

This type of valve is frequently found on children's bikes or mountain bikes.

The second kind of valve is the Presta valve.

It is more commonly found on road and racing bikes.

They tend to be thinner and longer in size, and have a inner valve which needs to be unscrewed slightly before you can begin inflating.

Pressing on it will release the air in the tyre.

Once you have identified the type of valve you have, remove the dust cap, if there is one.

Remember to unscrew the inner valve if you are working on a Presta valve.

Press on it to check if it's properly open.

You will be able to hear air escaping.

Take your pump adapted to the valve type you have, insert the pump's head into the valve.

Most modern pumps can support both valve types and have have a push-fit connection which is secured in place with a cam lever.

Pump the tyre up.

Use the gauge to help you get up to the correct pressure.

Once inflated, release the pump lever, disconnect the pump from the valve.

If you are working on a Presta valve, tighten its inner valve before replacing the dust caps.

Tyre pressure will vary according to a number of factors including: your weight, the temperature and weather conditions, the surface on which you are riding.

Consult the manufacturer's instructions to get the right tyre pressure for you.

Enjoy your ride!.


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