How to Fix Your Bike - SikanaHow to Fix Your Bike - SikanaHow to Fix Your Bike - Sikana
How to Fix Your Bike - SikanaHow to Fix Your Bike - SikanaHow to Fix Your Bike - Sikana
Fabrice Tellier - Sikana Expert

Fabrice Tellier

Fabrice Tellier is a long-serving bike mechanic currently working in Lille’s B’Twin Village. He provided his expert advice on the Bike Repair Program and was kind enough to feature in the videos. Much of his life has revolved around bikes and bike repair, having previously worked as a mechanic with the French Army’s Cycling Team. We thank him for his invaluable input during the making of this program.


This program on bike repair will show you a few essential techniques to keep your bike well-maintained and running smoothly. The key objective of this program of twelve videos is to demonstrate a few quick, resourceful and inexpensive ways of fixing your bike when you’re out on the trail, or when you have minimal tools at your disposal.
The program is broken down into chapters on: the basics of bike repair; fixing punctures and flat bicycle tires; S.O.S emergency repair tips and techniques; and quick bike checks and general maintenance. It could be the difference between a short cycle or a very long walk home.
The videos are aimed at all bike-users, whether used recreationally or for earning a living, and could equally serve as the foundations for basic bike mechanic training purposes.
This program was made thanks to the support of Decathlon, SIKANA’s partner for the Sports program, and with the expert collaboration of Fabrice Tellier, a long-serving professional bike mechanic with experience as a military bike mechanic. Cycling has numerous health and environmental benefits, and is the primary mode of transport for people all over the world, so it’s essential that you know a few tips and tricks to keep yours, or any of the world’s 1 billion bikes running smoothly at a low cost. Enjoy your ride!

Program details

Viewing time: 28 dk

Number of videos: 12

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