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How to Check Brakes

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In this video, you will learn how to check your bike brakes

This is for any bike user who wants to be independent of bike repair shops when checking their brakes

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In this video, we will learn how to quickly check and adjust your brakes.

You could even perform this task when out on a ride.

There are many different styles of brakes .

Here we'll look at rim brakes - where the brake calipers clamp the wheel at the rim rather than the hub.

They key steps are: checking the brake lever, adjusting the brakes, and checking the brake pads You will need a multitool with a screwdriver and Allen keys.

Depending on your bike, you may also need a spanner The brake lever should return to its original position once it has been released.

If the lever can be pressed all the way to touch the handlebars, the brakes need tightening.

For minor adjustments, you can tighten the brakes at the barrel adjuster found next to the lever itself For more substantial adjustments, you will have to tighten the brake cable at the caliper.

Loosen the cable fastening bolt, in this case with a spanner, to disengage the brakes.

Pull the cable through to tighten the brakes and then re-tighten the bolt If you find that your brakes are suddenly in need of a significant adjustment, it is often a sign that the inner brake cable has stretched or frayed and will therefore need replacing.

When you pump the brakes, the brake pads should not clamp at different times They should be centred and contact the rim of the wheel simultaneously and with equal force from either side.

If one brake pad moves more than the other, you can tighten or loosen the brake adjuster screws found on each side of the brake caliper

the brake pad shouldn't brush against the rim of the wheel or obrstruct its spinning freely Spin the wheel and press the brakes - the wheel should stop spinning immediately

Disengage the brakes to check the pads for wear and tear.

If the surface of the pads is too worn, you could risk damaging the rim of the wheel

Brake pad height and positioning can be adjusted from the brake pad fastening bolt with an allen key, like this.

The pads should clamp the wheel just below the top edge of the rim.

And they should clamp squarely with their entire surface making contact with the rim.

You now know how to quickly check and adjust your brakes.

Enjoy your ride!


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