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Scoot: Learn to Ride a Bike as an Adult

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In this video you'll learn how to help an adult begin scooting on their bike.

Once you've nailed scooting, check out the following video on balancing and coasting.

This video program is designed to teach adults how to ride a bike. Follow the videos in order and put each technique showed together until you're ready to cycle!

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In this video you will learn how to ride a bike as an adult It is recommended that you have someone with you for support and supervision when learning to ride a bike The three key steps are: checking the bike and the protective gear, identifying a suitable location, and scooting Step 1: Always wear a helmet that fits well and covers the forehead.

Clothes should be comfortable and allow free movement without risk of getting caught in the chain.

Shoes should be fully enclosed and flat-heeled.

Make sure your shoe laces are tied so that they don't get tangled in the chain It is important to check the bike before use.

You should be able to stand over the front tyre with your legs forked over it.

Ideally there should at least be a one inch gap between the tyre and the body, otherwise the bike is too big for you to get started.

The tyres should be pumped up and the wheels should turn smoothly.

The saddle should be tight.

The brakes should function well, And the pedals should turn smoothly .

For more on this, see: "How to do a quick bike check" Step 2: Pick a place that is large, flat, smooth and traffic-free, for example an empty street, a car park or a back garden Avoid cycling on grass as it can prevent the wheels from rolling freely.

Step 3: Take the pedals off.

you may need an allen key to do this Walk the bike around so that you can get the hang of steering.

Brake with both hands so that you learn how to stop.

Get the hang of braking progressively and not too abruptly - unless in case of an emergency.

For more on this see: "How to brake efficiently" Get used to having a couple of fingers covering each of the brakes at all times while still being able to steer the handlebars Next lower the saddle so that the feet touch the ground comfortably.

The legs should remain straight.

Squeeze the brakes and tilt the bike towards you.

Swing one leg over the saddle and sit on it.

The back should be straight over the saddle.

Release the brakes and scoot ahead by pushing off the ground with the feet.

Squeeze the brakes gently and stop.

Start scooting again for 30 metres.

Practice this until you are comfortable steering and stopping the bike.

Check out our next video to learn how to balance.

Enjoy your ride! .


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