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Prepare a Family Emergency Plan

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Learn how to prepare a family emergency plan for a major disaster.

See the rest of our program on Major Disasters to learn how best to act in any emergency situation that may arise.

Make sure everyone in the family knows what to do in case of an emergency by planning together. This short tutorial video will help you get started!


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Tatiana Nikolaeva - Sikana
Tatiana Nikolaeva
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Major Disasters

Prepare a Family Emergency Plan

In this video, you will see how your family can prepare for a disaster.

Each member of your family should be involved in drawing up the emergency plan.

You should keep emergency telephone numbers next to the telephone.

Ensure everybody knows where the first aid kits and disaster kits are stored.

Ensure you know how to turn off the water, gas and electricity in case of an accident.

Learn how to use a fire extinguisher.

Keep a pair of shoes and a flashlight next to your bed in case of an incident at night.

Ensure you know the best way to get out of your house.

Plan two different routes for evacuating the area where you live.

Plan two meeting points: one near your house, the other outside your neighbourhood.

Keep friends' and family members' contact details to hand and make sure that these people know that they are your emergency contacts.

Teach your children how to contact the emergency services.

How to contact family members if necessary.

How to recognise the smell of gas and alert adults if they detect it first.

How to react if they discover a fire.

Give your children a card to always carry with them with the following information: their first and second names, address, the telephone number at home and at your place of work, as well as the telephone number of two emergency contacts.

For elderly or disabled people: plan a network of people who can help to evacuate in an emergency situation.

Always follow the instructions given by local authorities.


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