Discover Renewable Energy - SikanaDiscover Renewable Energy - SikanaDiscover Renewable Energy - Sikana
Discover Renewable Energy - SikanaDiscover Renewable Energy - SikanaDiscover Renewable Energy - Sikana
Electriciens sans frontières - Sikana Expert

Electriciens sans frontières

Electriciens sans frontières (Electricians Without Borders) is an NGO working for international solidarity. Since 1986, it has undertaken projects to help people in the remotest and most disadvantaged areas gain access to both electricty and water, with the objective of improving their living conditions by making access to electricity a cornerstone of human and economic development.


In this “Discover Renewable Energy” program you will discover how to harness renewable energies to power your home and even your community in an environmentally-friendly way. It is imperative for the protection of our planet that we learn to become less dependent on burning fossil fuels and take steps to make use of the natural and sustainable energy sources that we can find all around us. Each video has been created with experts to help you understand how to harness and use solar energy at home for yourself. Follow each process step-by-step to learn how to install and maintain a solar panel. The content of each video is easily accessible for beginners accompanied by an expert, and has been adapted for in-the-field use, meaning that trained electricians can use them as a useful teaching aid when instructing others about solar energy. This program was developed in collaboration with Electriciens Sans Frontières (Electricians Without Borders). The installation of electricity networks is essential for social and economic development. It means that the important buildings in the community such as school and hospitals can be lit up and run; it also makes roads safer and can even be used to give people access to clean drinking water. Together we can make a reliable access to electricity available to everyone.

Program details

Viewing time: 10 min

Number of videos: 3

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