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Electricity: How to Build a Photovoltaic Generator

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In this video, you will learn how to build a photovoltaic generator

Photovoltaic generators can harness the sun's energy to power home with electricity.

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In this video, you will learn how to build a photovoltaic generator.

A photovoltaic generator is a complete system that ensures the production and management of electricity provided by photovoltaic sensors. It includes at minimum a solar panel, a battery to store energy, a charge controller to regulate the battery’s charging, and a use circuit, such as a lighting circuit. During this intervention on the electrical circuit, make sure your tools are insulated.

To build a photovoltaic generator, you will need a compass, crimping pliers, a screwdriver, a wrench, a voltmeter, a solar panel, a charge controller, a battery, an electrical receptacle, in our case a light bulb, and connector cables, both regular and solar, and crimps. This installation is done in 4 steps, which we will explain.


If you are in the northern hemisphere, find south, and if you are in the Southern hemisphere, find north.

Pre-position the solar panel.

Place the panel at an angle to the ground defined by a norm that will vary depending on the country: in France it is 30 degrees, in Benin, 15 degrees.


The charge controller makes it possible to avoid surges and significant discharges for the battery. It is essential as the battery must not exceed a specific battery charge and discharge threshold to avoid aging too fast

Prior to connecting the panel’s cables to the charge controller’s cables, verify the polarity with a voltmeter.

Insert the conductors into the outlets of the voltmeter.

If the result is positive, then the “+” sign will be located at the red socket.

Place the cables into the terminals of the charge controller reserved for the solar panel. They are marked “PV”. A light will confirm that the charge controller is receiving power.


Now you will need to connect the battery to the charge controller.

In an isolated area, a grouping of solar batteries is vital for storing the energy produced and for making it accessible during the night when solar energy is inadequate to supply electrical systems. Connect the battery’s terminal plug to the conductor that connects the battery to the charge controller. Attach it with the crimper.

First put a screw and washer in one of the battery terminals.

Put the plug in and the washer and tighten the bolt with the wrench.

Repeat this step on the other terminal.

Then connect it to the charge controller (always starting with the +): put the conductor in the + terminal of the charge controller reserved for the battery up to the + terminal of the battery, and do the same for the – terminal.

Tighten the screws for each terminal. Temperature will have a significant effect on the battery’s life span for lead batteries. Heat accelerates corrosion and reduces life span. Therefore we recommend that you keep them in the coolest spot possible.


Place the stripped conductors for the system into the charge controller terminals.

In this case it is a lighting system. The light bulbs are working.

You now know how to build a photovoltaic generator.


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