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Discover Cycling Tips for Better Bike Safety

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In this video, we'll show you some great tips on safe city cycling

These tips are great for any city cyclist wanting to stay safe on the road

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In this video you will learn a few tips for safer cycling The key points to remember are: distance from the sidewalk, rinding in a single file, junctions, car doors, respecting traffic rules and no phones or music.

Try and maintain a safe distance from the sidewalk or any parked cars In case a car overtakes close to you, you should have some space to move over But beware: the roadside closest to the sidewalk can have potholes, dead leaves, or discarded litter.

Riding side-by-side on an empty road is fine if youre in a group, but it always safer to ride in single file.

When you approach a junction, slow down.

Position yourself in the lane according to the direction you are planning to turn.

Look back.

You can even make eye contact with the driver or the rider behind.

Always signal your intentions with the hand - multiple times if necessary When overtaking parked cars, keep your distance It can be very dangerous if the door of a parked car suddently swings open.

Swerving away is not necessarily the right solution as there could be another vehicle behind you.

Ideally you should ride carefully, anticipating this event.

And always be aware of what's behind you.

This way you'll know if you can ride in the middle of the road at a safe distance Some cyclists jump red lights.

This is dangerous and in most countries, illegal.

Always ride in the same direction as the traffic, unless there is a dedicated cycle lane going against it.

Vehicles don't expect oncoming traffic in the wrong direction, and you can't see roadsigns - it's also dangerous and illegal Obey all traffic rules and roadsigns of the country you're in.

Always be visible - this can be aided by your clothing and lighting, but also by how you ride Don't be afraid to impose your presence in the middle of a lane - even if you think you're momentarily slowing traffic.

Don't use a phone or listen to music while cycling.

This can be extremely dangerous.

It is important to be alert and to be able to hear all possible warning sounds around you.

Check out our videos on night visibility, changing lanes and hand signals for more Cyclists have the same rights, but also the same responsibilities, as motorists .

Enjoy your ride.


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