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Toolkit for SOS Repair

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In this video on bike repair you'll learn how to prepare a toolbox of esential items for any ride

This video is for people who want to learn about the tools and items they'll need to fix their bike out on a ride

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In this video you'll learn how to prepare an emergency take-along toolkit to have with you in a saddlebag during longer rides.

It will contain the essential elements to get you home where you can then carry out a full repairs.

First, the essential tools: In a saddlebag or rucksack, you should be able to fit the following items: A multiool with various allen key sizes and screwdrivers is essential for roadside repairs and adjustments.

take an adjustable spanner if your bike requires one, for example, for removing the wheels.

To learn more about this you can check out on our video on how to remove the wheels of your bike.

We recommended taking some dental floss and a needle with you.

Lightweight and tearproof, it can be used to stitch up a slashed outer tyre.

They also fit easily into a puncture repair kit - an essential should you get a flat tyre.

Although, in the interests of speed, some riders prefer simply to carry a spare inner tube and worry about repairing the puncture later.

To learn more about these techniques, see our videos on puncture repair and repairing a slashed outer tyre.

Zipties are lightweight and extremely practical for fastening broken bike parts together, for example: a broken seatpost.

Pumps are essential in case you get a puncture.

Keep a strip of duct tape wrapped around it as this could come in handy too.

A few essentials that you should never go on a longer ride without are: a phone to call for help should you need it.

Some money.

And finally some warm and waterproof outer clothing.

Enjoy your ride!.


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