How to Be a Woodworker - SikanaHow to Be a Woodworker - SikanaHow to Be a Woodworker - Sikana
How to Be a Woodworker - SikanaHow to Be a Woodworker - SikanaHow to Be a Woodworker - Sikana
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Manjini Jayaraman - Sikana Expert

Manjini Jayaraman

Manjini Jayaraman is a furniture specialist from India who has over thirty five years of experience in the woodworking industry. He lives in the southern city of Pondicherry and hails from a fishing community that has faced hardship in recent times.

Having dropped out of school at the age of thirteen, Manjini began working as a carpenter's apprentice. The practical skills and techniques that he picked up created opportunities for him both in India and abroad. "Today, I can find employment wherever I go," says Manjini. "I've been able to build a house and support my family from work that gives me satisfaction."

Over the years, he has shared his knowledge with a new generation and hopes to see more people exploring the craft of woodworking, whether to develop a livelihood around it or simply out of passion.


In this educational video program, you will learn some essential skills to help you become a skilled woodworker. The key aim of this program is to help individuals develop the unique skillset required for woodworking and carpentry. It has been structured with the goal of opening up professional opportunities, by helping people to acquire useful skills which can help them find employment. It is also a program suitable for anyone interested in learning more about woodwork irrespective of their prior experience level.The introduction to tools and techniques, along with step-by-step projects, will provide a basic foundation to get you started in the field. The information and instructions contained in this video series are meant to provide beginners with a basic introduction to the techniques and skills required in woodworking. It has been split into the following categories: introduction to woodworking, marking tools, measuring tools, saws, planing and shaving tools, hammers and mallets, chisels, rasp and file, drills, screwdrivers, finishing, clamps and vice, joinery, power tools, making simple tools, and projects. Woodworking involves design, planning and layout, and execution with hands-on proficiency. The woodworker will always find his problem-solving skills being challenged, but the satisfaction of crafting useful objects for people is hugely rewarding. The abstract thinking and physical coordination required for woodworking makes it an ideal field for those in pursuit of discipline and excellence from work that bears practical results. Welcome to the world of woodworking!

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