Raag : bhupali - part 1 1st composition



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Music Dan-O at Danosongs.com / Incompetech.com

Bhupali is a pentatonic raga. It has 5 notes on the ascent as well as the descent.

The aroha (or the ascent) is sa re ga pa dha sa’.

The avaroha (or the descent) is sa’ dha, pa ga re sa.

The vadi is ga and the samvadi is dha.

The pakads (or the catchphrases) are:

1. S R G R S D1 S R G

2. S R G R S D1 P1

3. P1 D1 S R G R G

4. S R P G

5. G R S R G P

6. G P D P D D S’

7. P G P D P D S’ R’ G’ R’ G’

8. G’ R’ S’ D P G R S

We will now play a short introduction to the raga, called an alaap.

For beginners, the alaap is generally short, but at an advanced level it can be rather long.

Now let’s play a short alaap on a smaller flute.

Note that the pitch on a smaller flute will be significantly higher.

Next, let’s play a short composition set to teental. Keep in mind that this has a cyclic rhythm of 16 beats.

Now let’s play the composition on a smaller flute.

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