Raag: behag



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Music Dan-O at Danosongs.com / Incompetech.com

Behag is a nighttime raga.

The aroha or the ascent is sa ga ma pa ni sa’.

The descent Sa' Ni (Dha) Pa (teevra) Ma Pa Ga ma Ga Re Sa.

The Vadi is Ga, and the Samavadi is Ni.

Behag uses both shuddha Ma (ma) and teevra Ma (Ma).

It has the pakad Pa Ma Pa Ga ma Ga.

Both R and D are never used in ascent, but always on the descent. The R and the D are also always short. That is,

Pa Ni Dha Pa Ma (teevra) Pa Ga ma Ga Re Sa


Ni Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma (teevra) Pa Ga ma Ga Re Sa

For those who have a six-holed flute, they could play the teevra ma, with all of the holes open.

Now let’s play a composition in teentaal, with a cycle of 16 beats.

Now let’s play behag on the big flute.

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