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Music Dan-O at Danosongs.com / Incompetech.com

Now let’s look at some ornamentations (or alankaras).

The first one is called krintan. To play a krintan, place the index finger behind a fret. Place the middle finger on the following note. Now let’s place the index finger on sa and the middle finger on re. Cut the string with the middle finger. Now let’s do it a little faster.

This is how it sounds when we play it slowly.

Note that we strike the string once and then cut the string to get the desired effect.

Make sure the index finger is firmly positioned behind the fret. Otherwise the sound will be muffled.

First, strike the string and then cut it. Remember to keep the index finger firmly placed.

With practice, you should be able to play like this.

Next, let’s look at the sparsh which is the opposite of the krintan.

Place the index finger behind a fret. Strike the string and hammer the following note with the middle finger.

In this case, the string is struck only once.

Another important alankar is called ‘meend’. Different notes can be played by moving the index fingers behind the frets. Let’s play: re ga ma ga.

The same notes can be played by pulling the string from re.

Let’s play re ga ma pa ma ga on the frets. We can play the same notes by pulling the string outward from re.

For example, we could also play dha ni sa ni dha.

When we play the meend, we always pull downwards, and never push upwards.

Another alankaar is the ghasit. Strike on a note and then scrub up or down the scale.

We scrub the index, the middle or both fingers up or down.

We can combine ghasit, krintan and sparsh. Note that we are striking just once.

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