Meend - glissando (ornamentation)



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One common feature of Hindustani music is that the notes are often connected.

In Western music this is known as a glissando, whereas in Indian music it is called meend.

We’ll begin by sliding from pa to sa.

Each of the raga has its own characteristic slides. It takes some time to build up the slides. In the beginning, just start with the plain notes.

Now let’s play raag Durga.

There are certain slides which are used extensively, like sa to dha.

And ma to re.

You are required to close the holes slowly. When you slide from a lower to higher note, release your fingers from the holes slowly.

For this tutorial, we are using the gayaki style, which means that we are trying to mimic the voice with the instrument as closely as possible.

It’s natural for the voice to slide from one note to another. And in Indian music, be it sitar, sarod or flute, slides are extremely common.

Now let’s play the scale with the different slides.

We will now look at the slides in raag Malkauns, starting with the basic scale.

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