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This video will teach you to apply a chalk line to mark a woodworking project.

This series has been created for training purposes.

Continue watching to learn more about measuring and marking your woodwork.

Struggling to mark a straight line on a rough plank of wood? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will take you through the process of using a chalk line, a simple yet effective method of marking straight lines to help your accuracy in your woodwork projects.

Music - Gilles B

In this video you will learn how to use a Chalk Line.

A chalk line is used to establish a straight line on a workpiece.

It is a quick, reliable and inexpensive way of marking a perfectly straight line over a long distance or a slightly uneven surface.

In its simplest form, the Chalk Line consists of a string that has been dampened and dipped in chalk powder.

It is either held or tied onto either end of the line.

Retractable Chalk lines contain string rolled up into a handheld reel with a crank mechanism just like a measuring tape.

They have an opening that is loaded with chalk powder so that when the string is pulled out, it comes coated and ready to mark.

A hook tied to the string enables one to use it without the help of a second person.

When using the chalkine with just your hand, make a loop around one finger so the line doesn't slip.

When using a retractable chalkline, hold the dispenser with one hand and snap the string with the other.

To use it, first use a ruler and pencil to mark the precise points that need to be connected.

Latch the hook onto one end of the workpiece and pull the body so that the string runs through the two marked points.

Lock the crank lever and pull the string until it is taught.

The tighter you hold the string, the straighter your line will be when it is plucked.

Now, pick the string so that the chalk powder deposits along its length.

The excess chalk deposits can be lightly blown away isolating just the straight line.

You have now learned how to use a Chalk Line.

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