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In this video we are going to learn how to replace an electric radiator.

There are many reasons as to why you might need to change your radiator; because it's broken, for aesthetic reasons or to install a more economical model.

Here, we are going to replace a convector radiator with a panel heater radiator, which is more aesthetically pleasing and will allow for a uniform and adjustable distribution of heat.

As with all electrical work, turn off the electricity supply for the room you are working in at the mains

To install the radiator you will need: an electric drill with adaptable heads, wall plugs and screws suitable for your wall, a spirit level and a pencil.

There are three stages to carrying out this work which we will break down in greater detail

Remove the radiator from the wall by un-hinging and then unplugging it.

Then remove the old wall-mounting system by unscrewing it.

A minimum height is necessary: your radiator should be 12 cm (or 5") above the floor.

Place your mounting system on the wall using the spirit level and marking the 4 fixing points with a pencil.

The 4 points should be on 2 horizontal lines.

Next, make the holes and insert the wall plugs.

Screw the fittings.

It is preferable to use the old holes if they correspond with your new radiator and its mounting system

To connect the radiator to the wall box first place the radiator face down on the ground. Be careful to only connect the blue (neutral) wire, and the brown or red (live) wire. Put the third (pilot) wire to the side.

So that you don't scratch the radiator, keep it in its protective wrapping.

Hook the radiator on the two bottom hooks, and then under the two top hooks. Bring the radiator down until the clip locks into place

Turn the electricity back on and test your installation. Now you know how to install a radiator.

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