How to lay plasterboard jointing strips



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In this video we'll learn how to lay plasterboard jointing strips

Joint strips are used to reinforce the structure and hide the joints between plasterboards.

To do this you'll need: a plastic tarpaulin sheet , adhesive tape, 3 putty knives of different sizes, some glue or joint filler and scrim tape

before starting, protect the floor by covering it with the tarpaulin sheet taped at each corner, especially if the plasterboards you are working on are on the ceiling, as in this case

This installation is perofrmed in 3 steps which will be explained in this video.

Before laying the strips of scrim tape, you must fill the gaps between the plasterboards and the screw holes with joint filler.

To apply the joint filler you will need 2 putty knives.

The first knife will be used to control the amount of joint filler used, and the second to apply it to the ceiling.

Apply the filler, pushing on the handle of the putty knife to get a smooth surface and get rid of any excess

Use the putty knife to smooth the whole surface

Leave to dry for 24 hours.

It is now time to lay the scrim tape

Unroll the strip over the whole lenght of the gap between the plasterboards

cut the end with a boxcutter.

With the putty knives, apply glue over the strips of scrim tape and leave to dry for about 24hours

It is best to use a large putty knife to spread the glue as evenly as possible

Leave to dry and apply a second layer.

Respect the drying time indicated. As long as the strip is still visible, the glue or filler isn't dry.

When the glue is dry sand with a sander or some fine grit sandpaper.

You now know how to lay plasterboard jointing strips.

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