How to Stitchan A-Line Frock: 4/4 The Side Seams



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In this video you will how to stitch the side seams of an A-Line Frock.

To learn how to stitch the neckline facing, bias binding and Hem, watch the previous videos.

Stitching the side seams is a very easy step.

After have opened the garment inside out on the table, align the raw edges of its two layers together.

Place the corner of the armhole under the needle, an inch from the edge, and make a reverse stitch before continuing straight down to the hem.

When you reach the end, make a reverse stitch before trailing off the edge of the hem.

Cut the thread and repeat the same step to stitch the other side.

Verify the stitch.

Now, flip the garment over to right side and your A-Line Frock is ready! .

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