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For this tutorial, we will make a small vase.

First, put your clay on the wheel and center it.

This part can be difficult, and may be easier if you start with less clay.

It may help to brace your elbows on your knees or on the potter's wheel to help keep your hands steady and maintain control.

Once it is centered, open the center of the clay with your thumb, using your other fingers to maintain control.

We’re going to make a different shape than the cylinder you saw earlier.

But regardless of the shape we want to create, we have to start by forming a cylinder.

Use your fingers and palms to shape the clay, applying slight pressure.

Be sure to press gently since the clay’s shape can easily change with the movement of the wheel.

As you can see, we’re making a small round pot, with a small opening at the top.

T-shaped sticks can be used to help measure the pot’s width and depth.

This piece is a bit too tall, so we’ll remove part of the top.

For this piece, we’re going to shape it like this.

This pottery piece is simple to make.

After you finish shaping the vase, you’ll need to cut it off from the base.

Mark the placement of the cut, cut it with a wire, and remove it carefully from the rest of the clay.

Now we're ready for the next step.

Now we will see other examples shot from different angles.

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