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This last part of this tutorial is a bit different.

Here, we will see how to create a design on the lantern.

Don't wait too long to begin this process.

It’s best to start right after you’ve combined the base and the top.

Otherwise, the piece will be completely dry and might crumble.

If you don't have time to do this part right away, you can put a wet cloth around the clay to keep it moist and intact.

If you decide to do that, be sure to change the cloth regularly to make sure the clay stays wet.

You can keep your pieces for several days with this method.

But for this particular piece, it's best to start carving directly.

Use a stencil and cutting tool to make a hole in the side, like this.

This hole will allow us to put a candle inside later.

Here, you can see that the clay is pretty hard, but still soft enough to carve.

With practice, you’ll learn how to handle the tools and create a hole without damaging the piece.

Now that we’ve made the hole, we’re going to use a cutting tool to create a decorative pattern.

Here, we will draw some coconut trees.

If any cut out pieces fall inside the lantern, make sure to remove them later.

Now, let’s make some leaves.

With a sharp tool, you can make a coconut shape, like this.

With a damp sponge, wipe off any excess clay shavings.

And the lantern is ready.

The last step is to fire it.

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