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In this tutorial, we’re going to make a large piece.

For large pieces, it’s best to use ball clay.

Here, the potter will create a lantern base.

To begin, you need to put the right amount of clay on the wheel.

Then, center the clay.

Open the clay.

Now, we’re going to use a technique called "flooring."

Flooring involves shaping the inside bottom of the piece.

You need to be careful when flooring since the section you’re working on will be visible.

We want it to be smooth and consistent.

Now let’s move on to the sides.

We need to make the cylinder very tall.

Since this piece is large and fragile, be especially careful when working on the middle.

Use a sponge to soak up any water inside the piece.

You can use a tool to measure the piece if you want to create a lid for it later.

You can also make the piece smoother if you want the sides to be more consistent.

Use a wire to cut it from the base once you're finished.

When you put the cylinder aside, pick it up gently, yet firmly since the clay will still be soft.

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