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To make a simple pottery mug, we’ll start by putting the clay in the center of the potter's wheel, like this.

First, make sure that the clay is centered, and then you can begin to shape it.

Wet your hands before touching the clay.

Always keep a bowl of water near you for wetting your hands and clay.

To shape the clay, first we need to open the center.

To do that, everything must be centered.

This step requires practice.

Choose the amount of clay you want to use. To center it on the wheel, first press it upward and then downward, like this.

This part also requires some practice.

Then, use your thumbs to push in toward the center.

The wheel’s movement, combined with the consistency of the clay, will cause the center to open naturally.

This is called ‘opening’.

Always keep your other fingers on the sides to maintain the shape of your clay.

Now, by pressing one side gently between the index finger and thumb and maintaining a consistent movement, we can turn a wide bowl into a thin mug.

This is when you determine the shape of your pot.

Here, we’ll make a simple pot.

The thickness is the same all around, and the shape is regular.

Use a cloth or sponge to soak up the water that’s still inside.

This pot is pretty wide, but be careful not to touch the sides or it could break.

To make a thinner pot, use a piece of cloth on the top of a stick.

You can also use a plastic or wooden tool, called a rib, to make the outside shape more regular and correct mistakes, like this.

Use a cloth or sponge to soak up any water left inside.

Be careful not to touch the inside sides of the mug.

Now, the pot is shaped and ready for the next step.

We need to cut it off from the base.

Be careful when placing your cut.

You can use a piece of wood (or any other rough material) to mark the place you want to cut, like this.

For a straight cut, use a wire and cut quickly.

Mastering this step takes practice, so be patient.Now, we will see other examples, shot from different angles

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