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To make your own incense you will need:

Dry wood or charcoal.

The aroma of your choice (this can be any plant, spice, or oil you want).

Resin or sap.

And thin wooden sticks.

To begin, use a pestle and mortar to crush the dry wood or coal. You can also add plants or spices in powder form.

Once your ingredients are in powder form, you can mix them together.

Set a small bowl aside for later.

Now add the essential oil to your mix.

You can also add some water to get the appropriate consistency.

Keep in mind that your mixture must be moldable.

Now you can take your wooden sticks.

Take a piece of your mix and rotate it around the stick to the bottom, letting the wood appear at the bottom of the stick.

Sprinkle the incense stick with the powder you made earlier.

Let the incense sticks dry in a cool, dark place for one week.

And that's how you make scented incense.

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