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For the second part of this pottery tutorial, once the clay is ready, we will show you how to prepare it for sculpting.

The most important step is to remove the air bubbles.

If the clay still has air bubbles when it’s put into the oven (called a kiln), the air will escape, causing the artwork to break.

Removing the air bubbles is a simple but lengthy process, called wedging.

First, use a wire to cut through the clay diagonally.

The idea is to cut up through the clay, leaving it in a triangle shape, and then slam the clay back together.

Here, you can see there are some holes.

These are air bubbles inside the clay.

By pressing the clay back together, the air will escape, like this.

If we cut the clay horizontally, the air will not escape.

This step can be a bit time-consuming, but it’s important.

After cutting a few times without seeing any air bubbles, it’s ready.

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