Cooking techniques | STEAM

Sikana - How to Steam Chicken
Sikana - How to Steam Vegetables

Cooking techniques | COOKING IN WATER

Sikana - Cooking fresh vegetables in water.
Sikana - How to Poach Chicken

Basic techniques | SAUCES

Sikana - Make white stock from poultry
Sikana - How to make brown stock from poultry

Basic techniques | FOAMS

Sikana - How to whip cream

Basic techniques | Butter

Sikana - How to Prepare Clarified Butter
Sikana - Préparer du beurre pommade
Sikana - How to make beurre noisette
Sikana - How to make Flavoured butter (Beurre COMPOSÉ)

Basic techniques | CUTTING FOOD

Sikana - Cutting vegetables in sticks and cubes
Sikana - How to chiffonade leafy vegetables
Sikana - How to mince an onion
Sikana - Mincing garlic
Sikana - Chopping fresh herbs

Handling food | POULTRY

Sikana - How to tie up a poultry bird by hand
Sikana - Cutting a cooked poultry bird

Cooking tips | Miscellaneous

Sikana - How to sharpen a knife
Sikana - How to Make Beurre Noisette
Sikana - How to boil milk
Sikana - How to melt chocolate in the microwave
Sikana - How to beat egg whites

Cooking tips | Fruit & vegetable preparation

Sikana - Chop a leek
Sikana - How to cut parsley
Sikana - How to cut carrots
Sikana - How to cut broccoli
Sikana - How to chop a pepper
Sikana - How to cut an eggplant
Sikana - How to cut a zucchini
Sikana - How to cut an endive
Sikana - How to cut an apple
Sikana -  how to cut a tomato
Sikana - How to cut a shallot
Sikana - Chopping an onion

World recipes | Japanese cuisine

Sikana - Japanese curry

World recipes | Italian cuisine

Sikana - Panna cotta (italian dessert)
Sikana - Pizza

World recipes | Indian cuisine

Sikana - Chicken tikka
Sikana - Chicken shashlik
Sikana - Phirni (creamy indian rice pudding)
Sikana - Chapati
Sikana - Plain naan (indian flatbread)
Sikana - Toor daal fry - lentils
Sikana - Navratan pulav (vegetable rice)
Sikana - Gulab jamun
Sikana - Paneer ( indian cheese )
Sikana - Paneer tikka
Sikana - Malpua
Sikana - Tandoori chicken
Sikana - Chicken biryani
Sikana - Chicken chettinad
Sikana - Mango lassi
Sikana - Jalebi
Sikana - Idly (traditional south indian breakfast)
Sikana - Medu vada (indian fried lentil snack)
Sikana - Coconut chutney
Sikana - Onion tomato chutney
Sikana - Palak paneer (spinach and indian cheese curry)
Sikana - Aloo paratha (potato-stuffed indian flatbread)
Sikana - Baingan bhartha (punjabi style)
Sikana - Bhel puri (fried indian snack)
Sikana - Chole (indian chickpea curry)
Sikana - Dahi puri

World recipes | French cuisine

Sikana - How to make garlic butter
Sikana - Beef bourguignon
Sikana - Savory crepe recipe: ham, egg, and cheese crepes
Sikana - Parisian flan
Sikana - Mille-feuile

World recipes | Taiwanese cuisine

Sikana - Taiwanese cucumber salad
Sikana - Taiwanese eggplant salad

Vegetables & dried foods | Soups

Sikana - Zucchini soup
Sikana - Cream of pumpkin soup

Vegetables & dried foods | Miscellaneous vegetable recipes

Sikana - Shrimp-stuffed tomatos

Pasta | Sweet dough

Sikana - Puff pastry

Pasta | Savoury dough

Sikana - Pizza dough
Sikana - Shortcrust pastry dough

Sauces | Hot sauces

Sikana - Tomato sauce

Meat | Meat preparations

Sikana - Pigs in a blanket

Meat | Steak

Sikana - How to cook a steak haché patty

Eggs | Egg recipes

Sikana - Fried egg
Sikana - How to make scrambled eggs
Sikana - Hard & soft boiled eggs

Eggs | Egg-based

Sikana - How to find out if an egg is boiled or raw

Desserts | Tarts/crumbles

Sikana - Chocolate banana tart
Sikana - Tarte tatin (upside-down apple tart)
Sikana - Chocolate pie

Desserts | Creams

Sikana - How to make fresh whipped cream
Sikana - How to Make Custard
Sikana - How to make confectioner's custard

Desserts | Cakes

Sikana - Jam roulade
Sikana - "yule log" chocolate-orange christmas cake
Sikana - Cheesecake Recipe

Desserts | Biscuits/cookies

Sikana - Ladyfinger cookies
Sikana - Pinwheel and checkerboard two-colored cookies
Sikana - Simple recipe for genoise (italian sponge cake)
Sikana - Shortbread Recipe for Quick and Easy Chocolate Cookies

Drinks | Syrup

Sikana - Hibiscus syrup

Drinks | Tea

Sikana - Chinese tea
Sikana - Rose-flavored tea
Sikana - White tea
Sikana - Black tea
Sikana - Oolong tea
Sikana - Pu-erh tea
Sikana - How to brew green and yellow tea

Drinks | Coffee

Sikana - Flavored coffee
Sikana - Latte art: original heart
Sikana - Latte art : leaf
Sikana - Latte art: laurel leaf
Sikana - How to make a perfect espresso
Sikana - Mocha coffee
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