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How to Install a Shower Door

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In this video we're going to show you how you can install a pivoting glass shower door

These are a great way to save space and give your bathroom a stylish, modern look!

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We have decided to entirely renovate this bedroom along with its en suite bathroom. These methods of renovation are easy to replicate quickly and on a limited budget

Here's Marianne, sculptor-designer for events and film sets. Plasterboard's her preferred material. .Eric is a painter decorator. He's a building expert. Together, they are here to help Travail et Vie undertake this transformation. They're a real crack team!

Maximise your space

Find the detailed guide sheet on

Install a shower door

Mark all the holes needed to fix the support

First drill with the little bit, then with the right sized drill to avoid breaking the tiling.

Slot in the wall plugs adapted to your wall

Apply silicone to the back of the mount

Screw in the first support

Inerst the door frame into the support

Apply the silicone to the base of the frame, and fix both

Screw in the second upright support

Attach the upright mount to the frame by using the screws and bolts provided

Make sure it is watertight with the silicone seal all around the frame of the door

Smooth it down with your finger

Screw the door into the frame


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