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How to Paint a Ceiling

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In this video you'll learn how to paint a ceilling when decorating your home.

This is a surprisingly simple process which requires a roller, non-drip paint and a little patience!

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Maximize your space

Find the detailed guide sheet on

paint a ceiling

Important: Ensure the electricity is off at the mains before beginning

Patch up any holes with plaster adapted for your ceiling

Tidy and dust the room before you paint

Use a paint mixer bit attached to a drill

Go over the corners with a round highlighting brush

Half-cover the roller

Then roll it over the painter's grid to spread the paint on it evenly

Begin painting nearest the room's main light source

Paint in perpedicular bands

Smooth over a final time working in the direction the light enters the room

Try to use anti-drip paint where possible

Let it dry

Allow to dry for the time recommended by the manufacturer


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