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We're going to draw a face, manga style, then add watercolors afterwards.

If you just want to add color to a drawing you've already made, you can skip parts 1 and 2 of this series. However, these parts will also teach you how to create sketches that work well with watercolor.

First, let's draw the shape of the face.

Since this is manga-style, it doesn't need to be realistic.

The shapes have well-rounded edges.

Draw the ear without too much detail.

Then draw the eyes.

Always draw fine lines to give the final, colored version a cleaner look.

Your drawing must not be smudged or have too many lines, otherwise the final product will not be as pretty.

Draw the nose and mouth as simply as possible.

The depth will appear when you add color.

Draw the eyebrows.

Then the hair.

As with the other features, only draw the outline for now.

For this drawing, we'll draw her in a turtleneck sweater. We'll add highlights and shadows in the folds later, when we color it in.

Then add the final details: a few lines to indicate the direction of the hair, the other ear, and the pupils.

Don't forget to add a reflection to the eyes.

This is the end of part 1.

Now we'll move on to darkening the lines.

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