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Start by drawing 8 equal rows.

Each row represents one 8th of the man's body.

The head takes up one row. However, the woman only takes up 7 rows total since she is smaller.

So we’ll start by drawing the woman’s head in row 7.

Then draw the neck. The torso should take up 2 more rows. You can make the neck longer or shorter. Here, we'll draw the two necks differently.

Now let’s draw the shoulders. Her shoulders should be smaller than a man's, and less rectangular.

Make a gentle curve, like this.

Draw the chest, which could cover part of the arms, depending on how you draw her.

Then draw the waist. It's narrower than the man's waist. Next, the hips and thighs should take up 2 rows.

Make the hips rather wide, then get gradually narrower as the lines descend to the knees.

From the neck to the groin, it should be about 2 and a half rows long.

The knees to the feet will fill the last 2 rows.

The arms take up about 3 rows, starting at the shoulders.

For the man, draw the head in row 8. Like the woman, the head takes up one whole row.

Draw the torso, which also takes up 2 rows.

The man has wider shoulders, and the width of his chest should remain the same from top to bottom.

From the neck to the groin, the man takes up an extra half-row, so 3 rows total.

Make the hips just a tiny bit wider than the torso.

Then draw the legs, which are 4 rows long.

Here, the legs are a half-row longer than the woman's.

The knees are placed higher than the woman's.

The arms are also longer by a half-row. From the shoulders to the hands, they take up almost 4 rows.

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