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We will now make a male character look older.

Of course, the important thing is to keep his features recognizable.

Start with a child.

To make him an adult, draw his face thinner.

First take care of the cheeks.

Make them less round.

Then make the chin firmer.

The face is thinner than a child's.

The eyes are also proportionally smaller than the rest of the face.

But the nose will be bigger.

A child's nose is rounder, like this.

For an adult, it is more elongated, like this.

The character is less cute. His eyebrows are thicker, and he has a bigger forehead with shadows like these.

The features of older characters pull downward. We will see how to draw these features.

The cheeks fall on the side and the chin is wider.

The face becomes rounder.

The eyebrows are also pulled lower.

Here, the wrinkles on the eyes are essential.

Your character may be old but still lively. The wrinkles will give away his age, and they start around the eyes. The shape of the eyes themselves does not change.

The nose will be even bigger. It's one part of the face that continues to grow throughout life.

Depending on a character’s age, add many wrinkles, or only a few.

The features of the mouth will also point downward.

You can also give him a moustache or a beard to age him more visibly.

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