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Let's look at how to make a female character appear older.

The important thing is to make sure the character is still recognizable after you're finished.

Despite the fact that you can't really make her go bald or grow a mustache, the transformation is the same as for a male character. Here, we'll do it with a profile drawing. If you want to do it with your character face-on, check out the video on how to age a male character.

Start with a young woman.

To make her look older, start by changing her nose. To do that, you'll need to change her forehead. The lines of her face will pull downwards, making her nose bigger and longer.

Her eyebrows will also be bigger, and droop a little lower.

As you can see, you only need a few lines to make a big difference.

To draw a grandmother, it's a bit more complicated.

Start by drawing the eyes slightly droopy, like this.

Add some wrinkles around the eyes.

Draw the nose.

The nose should be even bigger. The nose is one part of our faces that never stops growing, for as long as we live.

Make more or fewer wrinkles depending on the age you want to convey.

The features of the mouth will also point downward.

The face becomes rounder.

The cheeks fall on the side and the chin is wider.

There you have it! Your little girl became a grandmother.

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