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To draw straight hair, make a mark which will serve as the starting point for each strand of hair.

We’ll start with the bangs.

Pay attention to the ears if you wish to make them visible, like we're dong here.

For the bangs, begin like this.

Draw small strands of hair to enhance the portrait.

Be sure to leave some free space for adding reflection and contrast later.

Draw the headband starting here.

Here, we’re going to draw a bow, but you can choose any style you want!

Now, draw the hair starting from behind the headband.

They should always start from the same point.

Next, we’ll add some finishing touches to the hair.

Draw beautiful lines for each strand of hair.

As you can see, we won’t draw them all.

It’s important to have some contrast in the hair.

We’ll finish by adding contrast to the bangs.

The part behind the ears is darker.

To draw the hair on top of the head, draw in this direction.

But for the hair below, draw from the bottom up to give it some more volume.

Now we’ll draw a pattern on the headband to complete the sketch.

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