Manga: how to draw a character with markers (3/3) - color luffy from one piece



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Here's a palette of the colors that we have available.

We're not going to use all of them, but to make a good illustration it's better to have a range of colors to choose from.

Here, we're using alcohol-based markers. This kind of marker has certain advantages like color blending, and using multiple layers of color without leaving visible streaks or unevenness.

On the other hand, they dry very quickly and are rather expensive. It's be better to use thick paper that the ink won't leak through.

Most Japanese illustrators use alcohol based markers for their work.

Unfortunately, the color codes are not the same for every brand. Here, we're using the Shinhan Twin Touch markers from Korea.

Start by coloring his straw hat like this, with the yr-101 yellow pencil.

Then use the same color on his sandals.

In this drawing, we're using as few colors as possible to make it easier to copy.

Next, use the Pb-76 blue on his trousers like this. Leave some blank spots for contrast. As you can see, these markers have two tips, one thick and one thin. Use whichever one you prefer.

Use the GG-3 grey marker for contrast, going over the whole thing like this. This kind of blending is possible because we're using alcohol based markers.

Do the same thing on the other side of his trousers.

Use the same grey marker to add some dark spots. Start with the fur. Then, finish with a different kind of grey. Here, we use the WG-5 which will be used later for his face.

Now, with the same marker, let's color his face. It's better to use the thin tip here to be precise and avoid the eyes.

Finish the body.

Next, color the contrasts in his teeth, eyes, and nose with the same grey marker that you used on the fur.

Then use a red marker to color his vest. Here, we use the R13 red. Be careful to avoid the buttons.

Finish the legs.

Use the R-12 brown to color the straps of his sandals and the buttons.

We'll finish his bracelet by using the thin tip, but you can use either one.

You're done!

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