Manga: how to color a character with markers (1/3) - luffy from one piece



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To draw a mini Luffy, the form he acquires after Gear Third, or if you just like the Sd format, draw a square for the head.

Luffy has a big head, and his chin is less sharp than in his natural form. However, the right and left sides are sharper.

Draw the ears very simply.

For the top of the head, go slightly past the top of the square.

Then draw the hair like this. His hair is pretty short. The lines are straight and sharp.

At this stage, we'll avoid drawing too many details or shadows, so we can color it later.

Before we do the eyes, draw a cross on his face in order to place them correctly. Draw one horizontal line above his ears and a vertical line in the center.

Next, draw his big eyes.

His nose is very simplified.

The pupils are just 2 dots.

For the mouth, we'll draw him with his usual big smile.

When you draw a line to separate the upper and lower teeth, don't join the 2 ends.

Draw his scar under the left eye with one horizontal line and two short vertical lines.

Then we'll draw the famous straw hat.

The head part is finished, so now we'll start the body and clothes.

First, draw the neck like this.

For the collar, follow the shape of the neck and give it some depth.

Luffy wears a sleeveless coat, often unbuttoned.

So here, we'll draw it open.

Draw the buttons.

Then the belt.

For the trousers, it has a particular design. The part at the knees is covered in white fur. For the fur, draw some short curves like this.

For the feet, he wears sandals.

There's no need to draw the toes.

For the arms, since it's in Sd, neither elbow joints nor the details of the hands are necessary.

Here, we'll draw a bracelet.

You just need to clean up some details, and you'll be done.

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